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5 Top Optometry Blogs Every Student Should Follow

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Sep 7, 2018 12:00:00 AM


Hey Optometry student, here are five blogs you should follow. 

os-logo1. optometrystudents.com

Optometrystudents.com is a great website to have bookmarked to keep updated will all things optometry! Articles are typically posted a couple of times per week from current optometry students from all of the optometry schools across the country. Topics include tips for taking NBEO exams, scope of practice updates, new technology, and clinical pearls. You can even sign up to be a contributor and have your own articles or media posted on the website!

Screenshot 2018-09-07 12.24.022. ICO Student Blog

ICO’s student blog offers real perspectives from optometry students who are in all four years of optometry school, so there is bound to be some information that will be relatable to you no matter what stage of school you are in, and what school you attend! They tackle things such as tips for a successful move to optometry school, and why optometry students should attend our national conferences.

Screenshot 2018-09-07 12.25.203. NECO Student Blog

Student bloggers from each graduating optometry class, along with guest bloggers, alumni bloggers, and the president of NECO all participate in this great resource for optometry students. Topics for this blog typically fall into the main categories of student life, clinical experience, academics, and, of course, Boston!

asco-logo-png4. Eye on Optometry

Eye on Optometry is a blog from the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO). Articles range from discussing "The Important Role of Optometrists in Today's Dynamic Market" to "FAQs on Opening a New Optometry Practice." They also provide a free downloadable career guide for optometry.

Logo-OP-New-600px5. Pupillary Pathways

Don't forget to subscribe to OptoPrep's blog Pupillary Pathways! We have an assortment of posts that cover every aspect of your life as a student, including what to expect on your first day of optometry school, all the way through NBEO, externships, residency programs, graduation, and beyond! We post infographics, facts of the week, links to interesting articles, and provide downloadable guides on a variety of topics!

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