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5 Ways OptoPrep Can Help You Get Through Optometry School

Posted by Amanda Dexter on September 8, 2016 at 9:00 AM
Amanda Dexter
Dr. Amanda K. Dexter received her optometric training at Southern California College of Optometry in Fullerton, California, where she was Class of 2010 Valedictorian. She also completed a residency in Primary Care and Ocular Disease at the Veteran's Affairs Hospital in San Diego, California. Dr. Dexter is the Manager and Program Coordinator for OptoPrep, the premiere online study resource for the NBEO Part I & II.


Here are five ways that OptoPrep can help YOU get through optometry school!

1. OptoPrep’s Daily Dose

Ever feel like certain concepts slip from your mind as soon as you’ve been tested on them and move to focusing on a new subject? Subscribe to the Daily Dose of OptoPrep email! This is a FREE service that gives you access to NBEO relevant questions in your inbox on a daily basis! Taking a few minutes every day to test yourself will ensure that you keep key topics fresh in your mind and will help you stay on top of your game! There’s no better way to study for the NBEO than practicing with questions presented in a similar format.

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2. Pupillary Pathways Blog

Keep up to date with industry news articles, quizzes, relevant infographics, blog posts, and fun optometry facts by subscribing to OptoPrep’s daily blog, Pupillary Pathways!

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3. NBEO Study Guides

OptoPrep knows that studying for the NBEO can be a very daunting task. There is so much information on a wealth of different topics that you are going to need to know, and figuring out where to even start can be overwhelming. So, we’ve put together a ton of great tips and tricks for studying for the NBEO, along with tailored study programs that will help you prepare for the big day when the time comes!

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4. Study for NBEO with OptoPrep’s Part I Program

OptoPrep’s program for NBEO Part I exam has over 2,000+ unique practice questions that were specifically designed to simulate the format you'll see on the actual NBEO exam. Questions are presented in both a practice mode or timed exam mode to allow you to test your overall knowledge and help gauge your ability to answer questions at a pace to complete the actual exam. OptoPrep also provides you with detailed answer explanations for every question, ensuring that you master the material by knowing why right answers are correct, and wrong answers are not. Additionally, in-depth statistics are provided to track your progress in every major category to help you know which areas you may need to spend extra time on.

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5. Study for NBEO with OptoPrep’s Part II Program

OptoPrep’s program for Part II of NBEO has over 1,000+ questions (also with detailed answer explanations) divided between Full Cases, Minicases, and Solo Items, unique to practice an exam mode. Again, OptoPrep is all online and provides 100% computer-based study, so that by using our program you should be able to make a seamless transition between studying and exam day. Our Part II subscription also comes with PowerPix, which are photo flashcards that help you review ocular conditions, and PowerPages, which are summaries of key components you'll likely see on boards.

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-Dr. Dexter 

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