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Link: FDA Approves EyeYon Corneal Edema Treatment

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Sep 6, 2016 12:00:00 AM


The company's medical contact lens, EyeYon, has been marketed in Europe since early 2016.

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quotes.pngAbout two million people develop the corneal edema chronic disease annually. The treatment for advanced corneal edema involves corneal transplant; however, such a transplant requires finding a donor, leading to a prolonged wait.
Only 200,000 corneal transplants are carried out annually, while 13 million people are waiting for the transplant. Meanwhile, the patients use eye drop treatments, which are not sufficiently effective for most of them.

Read the full article from globes.co.il

Dr. Dexter's Take

An Israeli company, EyeYon, has recently received US marketing authorization for its medical contact lens for the treatment of corneal edema. The product, Hyper-CL, is a daily wear contact lens that is used to enable hypertonic drops to have a longer contact time with the cornea. The contact lens is designed with a reservoir (cavity) that sits above the center of the cornea. When hypertonic drops are applied to the patients eye, they will reach the reservoir through the fenestrations in the lens. The contents of the reservoir will remain in contact with the eye for a longer time, and improve the extraction of the excess fluids by osmosis from the cornea.

The Hyper-CL is now commercially available in Europe and will soon be in the US as well. It is indicated for therapeutic use to protect the corneal surface and to relieve corneal pain in the treatment of acute or chronic ocular pathologies. The lens may be prescribed for daily wear with removal for cleaning and disinfection for 14 days. The Hyper-CL can also provide optical correction during the healing process if required.

This technology also opens other doors for potential medication delivery for other ocular conditions. 

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