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Top 5 Optometry Websites for Students

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Mar 7, 2019 12:00:00 AM


Are you interested in keeping updated on new technology entering the market, or learning about interesting clinical cases, or getting a head start on what it is like to be a new graduate of optometry?

Or would you like to just stay informed on what is happening across the country with other fellow optometry students? Well here are a few of our favorite websites to keep an eye on for all things optometry!

1. optometrystudents.com

Optometrystudents.com was created for students by students. It was started with the intent to improve the profession of optometry through better educating and preparing students to enhance the lives and vision of their patients. All articles are written by current optometry student and vary on topics from residencies vs. fellowships, interesting patient cases, to scope of practice debates, and includes a wide array of clinical pearls. This website is a great way to keep you connected to your fellow classmates!

2. newgradoptometry.com

The transition from optometry school to practice can be quite overwhelming for a lot of new graduates. This website was created to help inform upcoming and new graduates of all things they need to know about licensure, getting on medical and vision panels, starting or buying a practice, electronic medical records, etc. There are also several articles about clinical cases and treatment pearls, practice management resources and comparing different modes of practice. New graduate, or not, this website has a lot of fantastic information for students and optometrists!

3. reviewofoptometry.com

Reviewofoptometry.com is one of my very favorite websites to check in on periodically. If you are looking to stay up to date with new diagnostic and treatment technology, new management options for ocular conditions, updates contact lens technology, etc. this is the place for all of the information you need! This website also has a vast amount of interesting patient cases, and wide array of online continuing education (once you get to that point). A lot of the well-known names in the optometry community write articles for this website, so you know you're getting great information from the best of the best. This site will be a great resource for you far after graduation and beyond!

4. gpli.com

Gas permeable contact lenses can be a tricky and sometimes frustrating experience for students and clinicians. GPLI.com is a great resource to help reduce stress and increase success when managing patients with these types of lenses. This website is dedicated to to providing practitioners with educational and practice-building resources to enable them to fully benefit from the many advantages of GP and custom specialty soft contact lenses. One of my favorite aspects of this site is the “Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide,” which is a valuable tool to have readily available whenever you are fitting or evaluating a spherical GP or specialty contact lens patient. It consists of concise clinical pearls pertaining to spherical GP, soft toric, GP back surface and bitoric, soft and GP multifocal, orthokeratology, keratoconus, and scleral lens designs. It will help you navigate through these cases in clinic, and maybe even impress your professors while you're at it!

5. OptoPrep.com

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