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Visit the OptoPrep Booth at Academy!

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Nov 9, 2016 12:00:00 AM


OptoPrep is excited to be in Anaheim for the American Academy of Optometry Meeting! We would love to have you all come visit our booth in the exhibit hall and check out what OptoPrep has to offer! We’ve got many reasons for you to stop by, say hi, and see what OptoPrep can do for you! 

See OptoPrep in Action

OptoPrep is the premiere online study tool to help prepare you for Part 1 and Part 2 of the NBEO. Here are some of the great features we offer:

  • OptoPrep presents information in a format that simulates the actual NBEO computer based testing. The ratio of question topics, question format, and user interface were specifically designed to mimic an actual NBEO exam and to get you accustomed to the timed test. Practice questions allow you to test your overall knowledge; timed exams help you gauge your ability to answer questions at a pace to complete the actual exam. 
  • Each question is followed by a detailed answer explanation. Instead of memorizing answers, the explanations help you better understand the concepts. Don’t just learn which answer choice is the correct choice; learn why that answer is indeed the correct choice. 
  • Statistics and graphs allow you to track your performance granularly, helping you to more effectively allocate your study time. Statistics are broken down by category and subcategory enabling you to gauge your progress. This statistical information illustrates your strengths and weaknesses so you can make the most of your study time.
  • OptoPrep’s PowerPages are neatly packaged PDFs each focused on a single key optometric topic. Each PowerPage is condensed to the main points on the subject for quick synopsis. They provide the equivalent of a summary and highlights for a topic specific lecture or review session. PowerPages are also linked to questions on the topic for easy accessibility when you need additional information to master the concept.
  • PowerPix are photo flashcards of common ocular conditions that allow you to visually review important concepts. These are similar to the photos that will be attached to cases. Each photo will be presented in either review mode, where an explanation and markers will provide pertinent information and a diagnosis of the condition, or in quiz mode, where you will be able to think critically before obtaining the answer.

Sign up for Daily Dose of OptoPrep and OptoPrep's Blog

OptoPrep’s Daily Dose is a free service that gives you access to NBEO relevant questions. You’ll be emailed a question every weekday to keep key topics fresh in your mind! OptoPrep also has a daily blog that provides industry updates, infographics to help with studying, tips and tricks for preparing for exams, and much, much more! 


If you stop by the OptoPrep booth, you find that we have some great giveaway prizes! Spin our prize wheel for your chance to win t-shirts, notebooks, card holders for your phone, and delicious chocolates! Everyone is a winner at the OptoPrep booth! 

See You in Anaheim! 

-Dr. Dexter

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