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7 Strategies for fitting Keratoconus Patients

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Jan 4, 2017 9:23:26 AM

Do you get nervous when you see keratoconus patients on your schedule in the contact lens clinic? Not sure exactly where to start, what lenses to consider, what changes to make if the lenses aren't functioning properly or fitting well?

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Better Target Dry Eye with Three Easy Tests

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Dec 27, 2016 12:09:00 PM


We all know that there are many different signs, symptoms, causes, and treatments for dry eye syndrome. What tests do you feel are the most important when evaluating a patient that present with complaints that are likely caused by ocular surface disease?

Most clinicians will stain with sodium fluorescein, looking for SPK and measuring TBUT. It is also common for ODs to apply pressure to the lids to check for meibomian gland disease, when evaluating their dry eye patients. Do you check for such things as lid wiper epitheliopathy, or measure tear osmolarity, or determine the presence or absence of ocular surface inflammation?

This article provides an in-depth look at how to add these three steps to your examination of dry eye patients to better help determine the cause and appropriate treatment for each individual.   Go read the full article from reviewofoptometry.com.

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Download the Handbook of Ocular Disease Management

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Dec 20, 2016 8:45:16 PM


My favorite optometric publication; The Handbook of Ocular Disease Management, published annually in Review of Optometry is now digitally available!

This handbook reviews some of the most important and most common clinical conditions that you will see in practice, along with an overview, the pathophysiology, how to manage the condition, and appropriate clinical pearls. Every optometry student and optometrist should keep this publication handy to refer to as needed!  Go get it here.

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Working with the Kids is Alright: A Day in the Life of a Pediatric Optometrist

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Dec 15, 2016 2:16:52 PM


Are you thinking about a potential residency in pediatrics, or considering a position in an office that sees a lot of children? Ever wonder what a day as a pediatric optometrist would look like? T his article by Dr. Kathleen Foster Elliot, O.D., breaks down the reasons why working with children can be "the best of times and the worst of times!" 
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Become a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Dec 13, 2016 10:55:23 AM


Last month I became a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. I'm not going to lie, the process was tough!

I had to write three case reports and a review of my residency, have them reviewed by a panel, and then re-submitted with appropriate edits. After all this was complete, I studied arduously to prepare for the oral portion. The final piece was the oral exam at the Academy meeting in Anaheim.

Although it was a lot of work, it was so worth it! I am so proud to now have those extra 4 letters after my name, F.A.A.O.! 

Are you thinking about potentially becoming a Fellow? Watch this video to see why your colleagues decided to make the same decision that I did, and what F.A.A.O. means to them. 

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Chris Paul Seeing Benefits After Offseason LASIK Procedure

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Dec 6, 2016 8:43:37 AM


Clipper's point guard, Chris Paul has been arguably the league's best player, and his 2016-2017 season is off to a fantastic start. Why does he believe he's been so hot in the first games of the season?! An offseason LASIK procedure! Paul shared with reporters that for several years he's been cheating his way through eye tests and squinting to see play calls from the sidelines.

He was always too afraid to have corrective eye surgery and was not a fan of contact lenses. He believed that as long as he could see the basketball hoop, he'd be fine! 
Although this is an unlikely explanation of course, other NBA stars such as Amar'e Stoudemire, Richard Hamilton and even Dwayne Wade have credited LASIK with helping them on the court. I wonder what CP3's refractive error was before surgery! 

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29% of Young Doctors Are Depressed: Study

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Dec 1, 2016 2:56:38 PM


A recent review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that approximately 30% of young doctors have depression or symptoms of it. Does this statistic surprise you at all? With all the stresses of classes, exams, proficiencies, clinic, labs, studying, sleepless nights, poor eating habits, missing out on family and friend's events, would you expect this number to be higher or lower?
Although this study was done on medical school students, do you feel that the same applies for optometry school, or even dental school? 
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Is a Sustained Medication Delivery System on the Horizon?

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Nov 29, 2016 8:26:31 AM


One of the biggest downfalls when it comes to topical ocular medications for the treatment of eye diseases is patient compliance. Patients often forget to put their drops in as directed, think they are getting the drops instilled into the eyes (but actually do not), and some patients just have physical difficulty with bottles. Much research is going into other methods of medication instillation and sustained release of meds, such as contact lenses, implants, injections, etc.

Is a Sustained Medication Delivery System on the Horizon?

This article describes a study in which a latanoprost-polymer film was incorporated into a hydrogel lens to create latanoprost-eluting contact lenses. The effects of these lenses were then studied and compared to standard treatment using traditional drops. 

Results showed that the contact lenses were at least as effective as the use of daily latanoprost ophthalmic solution, and at some time points showed a statistically significant improvement in reduction. Additionally, the latanoprost-eluting contact lenses provided relatively steady IOP reduction with less variation in IOP during diurnal measurements. These results appear very promising for the future of medication delivery in the eye care industry! 

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AOA 2016 General Election Report

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Nov 21, 2016 2:32:43 PM


Many people are wondering how the results of the general election will affect themselves and their family/friends with regards to many different topics. Have you wondered how optometry will be affected? AOA President, Dr. Andrea Thau, highlights some of the major optometry-related topics in the AOA 2016 General Election Report, what has been done so far, what the plan is for the future, and how you can help! 

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AOA's Privacy Appeal to NBEO Prompts Change at Testing Organization

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Nov 17, 2016 9:00:00 AM


The data breach involving optometrists and optometry students has still not been cracked. Although many have their own speculations as to which profession database was compromised, no one has stepped forward to take responsibility yet.  Were you a part of it?

However, the AOA has pressured the NBEO to change their requirements for registration to protect registrant's social security numbers. In the past the full 9-digit social security number was required and was kept in the NBEO database.  AOA's Privacy Appeal to NBEO Prompts Change at the Testing Organization.

Recently, the NBEO changed it's requirements and is now using the new OE tracker number system and only the last 4 digits of the SSN. Additionally, the full SSNs of existing registrants have been truncated to only the last 4 digits. Although the effects of the breach are still causing many issues, at least this will help protect new students who have not signed up with NBEO yet. 

We also have 10 steps you should take to prevent identify theft.

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