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What Every Optometry Student Needs to Know about Miotics and Combination Drugs

What I Learned About CAIs/Alpha-2 Agonists That Will Help Any Optometry Student

Everything You Need to Know about Prostaglandin Analogs & Beta-Blockers

Tips for Talking to Your Patients About PRK Surgery

Co-Managing LASIK: 7 Potential Complications You May See Following Surgery

Your SMILE: The Newest Laser Vision Correction Procedure

Identifying Risk Factors for Diabetes in Your Patients 

Rybelsus®: New Oral Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

How Optometrists Diagnose Diabetes

4 Things to Do If You Don't Match with a Residency Program

Everything You Need to Know About the Optometry Residency Match

Optometry Residency Dates You Should Know for 2020

Is an Optometry Residency Right for You?

What to Expect on Test Day: NBEO® Part II

Everything You Need to Know About NBEO® Part II

The Truth About Marijuana for the Treatment of Glaucoma

Review of Laser Treatments for Glaucoma

Everything You Need to Know About Oral Glaucoma Medications

New Kids on the Block: 4 Topical Glaucoma Medications

Isolating a Paretic Muscle Using the Parks 3-Step Test

6 Mimickers of a 6th Cranial Nerve Palsy

Everything You Need to Know About Fourth Cranial Nerve Palsy

Pupil-Involved vs. Pupil-Sparing Acquired Oculomotor Nerve Palsy

Did You Know Optometry Student: Myotonic Dystrophy

Optometry Student: The 3 Main Signs of Diabetes

Transitioning from Optometry Student to Optometrist

What Optometry Students Should (and Should Not) Wear to Clinic

Top 5 Tips for Taking a Thorough Case History

How to Impress Your Staff Doctors in Clinic

NBEO® Settles Class Action Lawsuit Awarding $3.25 Million to Alleged Data Breach Victims

FDA Approves Avaclyr® for the Treatment of Herpes Simplex Dendritic Keratitis

What's New with NBEO® for 2019?

Optometry Residencies: What to Do if You Didn't Match

Link: Explaining Glaucoma to Patients

Top 5 Optometry Websites for Students

Cheat Sheet of Ophthalmic Mnemonics

New Year, New OptoPrep Fun!

Link: Opternative Changes Name to Visibly

Everything You Need to Know for Part II Test Day

Thanksgiving, Turkey, and Tryptophan

5 Tips for Conquering Multiple Choice Exams for the NBEO

Top 5 Things To Do in San Antonio During AAO

NSU and National Vision End Agreement

2 New Topical Glaucoma Medications to Watch Out For

The Dirt on Optometry School Admissions

5 Top Optometry Blogs Every Student Should Follow

Could glaucoma be a curable autoimmune disease?

1st Year Optometry Student Transition

Ruling Allows Lawsuit Against NBEO to Proceed

Dry eye? Study shows that omega-3s failed to yield beneficial results

Tips for Digital Eye Strain Patients

Top 5 Things to Do in Denver for Optometry's Meeting

The OptoPrep Early Registration Special Is Here! Save on Your Bundle Subscription Through June 30th!

Congratulations to all of the New Optometry Graduates!

Awareness of Medications that have Ocular Side Effects

Advocating for Optometry in Washington, DC

New NBEO Updates for 2018

We Love New Features! Reviewing the Pile of Done™

Optometrists: We LOVE What We Do!

Have You Heard about Our New OptoPrep Bundle Option?

Graduate Degrees That Leave People Drowning in Debt

Investing for New Grad ODs

Link: Examining the Fascinating Typographic History Of Eye Charts

How the Diploma Deluge is Reshaping Optometry

Women With These Jobs Are Least Likely to Have Kids

Symfony in the Symphony Hall

Congratualtions to the #WhereDoYouOptoPrep Winners

D-EYE Smartphone-based Retinal Imaging System

How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Going?

Where Do You OptoPrep? Show Us and You Could Win a D-EYE iPhone Retinal Imaging System!

Cataract Surgery May Extend Your Patient's Life

Stick It Up Your Nose

What it Takes to Recruit a Talented Millennial Associate OD

Have you heard the news? NBEO® preparation just got that much better!

Talking to Your Patients About Floaters

Are You Happy With Your Optometry Career Choice?

4 Foods Rich in Omega 3 Fatty-Acids for Eye Health

Apple AR Glasses and Microsoft HoloLens

Did you know this about UV Protection?

Poll: What are your plans for the summer?

Top Sites to See in DC at Optometry's Meeting

Poll: What is the approximate gender breakdown for your class?

Did you know this about Omega-3 fatty acids?

Do you know which eyes disease is abbreviated as MEWDS?

Looking for a Job After Graduation? What to Include in Your Curriculum Vitae

Link: Optometry Students Wanting to Practice in Florida May Have to Retake NBEO Exam

Link: Compare Job Posting Platforms for Hiring Eyecare Professionals

Be Prepared For Your First 4th Year Rotation!

Did You Know: This is the Second Leading Cause of Blindness

Optometry Tips for Taking Computer-Based Exams

Optometry Infographic: APGAR Score

OD Spotlight: Dr. Erin Swift, OD, FAAO

19 Low-Stress Jobs That Make A Lot Of Money & Guess Who's #1?!

Optometry Quiz: Cycloplegia Drops

Did You Know: Biofinity Energys Contact Lens

Optometry Infographic: Actions of Extraocular Muscles

Tips for Ranking Optometry Residency Programs

Optometry Student: Tylenol and the Liver

7 Strategies for fitting Keratoconus Patients

5 Steps for Making a New Year's Resolution for Optometry Students

Better Target Dry Eye with Three Easy Tests

How Much Do You Make as an Optometrist?

Optometry Student: How much time do you get off for winter break?

Download the Handbook of Ocular Disease Management

Optometry Fact: "Christmas Tree Cataracts"

Optometry Infographic: Papillae vs. Follicles

Working with the Kids is Alright: A Day in the Life of a Pediatric Optometrist

OD Spotlight: Dr. Viola Kanevsky, O.D.

Become a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry

Optometry Quiz: Cranial Nerve Testing

Did You Know Optometry Student: The Most Common Cause of Eye Injuries

Are you taking NBEO Part 2 this Week?

Chris Paul Seeing Benefits After Offseason LASIK Procedure

NBEO Part II- What to Expect on Test Day

29% of Young Doctors Are Depressed: Study

Important Optometry Residency Dates to Know

Is a Sustained Medication Delivery System on the Horizon?

Optometry Infographic: Stages of Macular Hole Development

Quiz: Black Friday Spending

AOA 2016 General Election Report

AOA's Privacy Appeal to NBEO Prompts Change at Testing Organization

OD Spotlight: Dr. Robert Meisel, O.D.

Link: Robot Surgeon Can Slice Eyes Finely Enough to Remove Cataracts

Did You Know Optometry Student: Demodex Colonization

Optometry Quiz: Stage of Hypertension

Poll: Optometry School and Hometown

Visit the OptoPrep Booth at Academy!

Link: Retinoscopy Simulator

Did You Know: Amniotic Membranes

Link: Recommended Screen Time for Children

Top 5 Things To Do in Anaheim During Academy

Link: Say Goodbye to Readers

Optometry Infographic: Lesions of the Visual Pathway

Optometry Quiz: Corneal Arcus

#Eyedentitytheft2016 Update

Poll: Are you planning on attending the American Academy of Optometry meeting in Anaheim?

Link: Is That Conjunctival Lesion Cancerous?

Did You Know: Dysgeusia

Link: Keepin’ it Real with Intraoperative Abberometry

OD Spotlight: Dr. Alan Glazier, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Link: Top Challenges as a New Graduate Optometrist

Infographic: Common Causes of Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Quiz: Accommodative Insufficiency

Check Out the New Changes to OptoPrep!

Poll: If you could go back in time, would you still go to optometry school?

Video Link: Diagnosing Retinal Disorders with Dilation

Optometry Student: Do you know what Nd:YAG Stands For?

Link: Raindrop Implant for Presbyopia

Managing Money in Optometry School

Link: What Optometrists Do

Infographic: Extraocular Muscles

Link: 5 Ways to Go Beyond Baby Shampoo for Lid Hygiene

Top Study Tips to Ace Your Midterms

Link: Combating Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Infographic: The Boxing System

Quiz: ANSI Standards

Day-to-Day Habits for Successful Optometry Students

Poll: Do you have a pet with you while in Optometry School?

Link: Say Hii to Xiidra

Did You Know This About Eye Muscles?

Optometrist Spotlight: Dr. Alicia Feis, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Link: Have you all seen this campaign on Indiegogo?!

Infographic: Low Vision Conversions (Snellen - Point - M)

Quiz: YAG Peripheral Iridotomy

5 Ways OptoPrep Can Help You Get Through Optometry School

Poll: As an optometry student, what modality of contact lenses do you wear?

Link: FDA Approves EyeYon Corneal Edema Treatment

Did You Know: Night Vision Goggles

Link: Glaucoma May Not Be The Disease You Think It Is

10 Steps to Protect Your Identity #eyedentitytheft2016

Link: How to Prescribe Prism with Confidence

Infographic: Anatomy of Cavernous Sinus

Quiz: What is the primary action of the inferior oblique muscle?

Welcome to Optometry, Class of 2020!

Poll: Are you planning to attend Vision Expo West in Las Vegas?

Link: Fitting Rigid Lenses after Refractive Surgery

Did You Know All Drugs Have 3 Names?

Link: 20 Fastest Growing Jobs in America

Optometrist Spotlight: Dr. Allison Pierce, O.D., F.A.A.O

Link: Patch Unnecessary for Corneal Abrasions

Infographic: Circulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)

Quiz: Drusen found in Patients with Macular Degeneration

The New NBEO Part 1

Poll: Were you part of the optometry student fraudulent CC breach?

Link: The Beginner's Guide to Fitting Scleral Contact Lenses

Did you know this: HbA1c

Link: How Eyesight is Affected in Space

2016 Optometry School Student Data Report

Link: FDA Approves Shire's Xiidra

Infographic: Hypertension Classification

Link: Dilation Dilemma

Student Loan Tips for New Grads (Part 2)

Link: Punctal Plugs

Infographic: Vital Dye Staining

Which of the following classifications BEST describes a fasting blood glucose value of 121mg/dL?

Optometry Student Loan Tips for New Grads (Part 1)

Poll: How are you spending your summer?

Link: Vision Impairment Doubles by 2050

Did you know this about the Color "Eigengrau"?

Link: Those Pesky Flies

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