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Everything You Need to Know for Part II Test Day

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Nov 29, 2018 8:25:57 AM

NBEO® Part II test day is fast approaching! You've been studying for months now to do your best on the exam, but are you prepared for exactly what happens at the testing center come test day? Continue reading to make sure you are completely ready for all things NBEO® !

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5 Tips for Conquering Multiple Choice Exams for the NBEO

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Nov 18, 2018 8:44:59 PM

With NBEO Part 2 coming up quickly, and Part 1 shortly thereafter, we've come up with some quick tips to keep in mind to help you conquer multiple choice exams.

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NBEO Part II- What to Expect on Test Day

Posted by Amanda Dexter on Dec 5, 2016 11:35:49 AM

With NBEO Part II coming up this week, we want to ensure that you are completely prepared for what to expect during the PAM (Patient Assessment and Management) examination so that you show up with everything you need, understand the process, and feel comfortable with how the day will proceed. We don't want any surprises come NBEO test day that can throw you off your game! 

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